Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Marieke and I am a thirty-somewhat wife to an amazing, sexy, thoughtful— yet, coffee-cup-on-the-counter-leaving— husband, mom to two irresistibly cute, testosterone laden toddler boys, 2 high-energy Australian Shepherds and 1 disillusioned cat who thinks that she’s the head of the family.

I was born and raised in The Netherlands, moved to Boston to pursue my Master’s, moved to Los Angeles to “see the other side of the country”, fell in love, got married, bought a house and adopted a cat:

See the mustache?  Yep, it’s real.  Her name is Chaplin.  I wasn’t crazy about the name at first, but when my husband mentioned that the alternatives were Hitler or Mussolini, I quickly came to love it.  She strongly believes that she is the Queen around the house, but she’s sorely mistaken.  There is only one HRH in this house (read here) – and it ain’t her.

A year later, for my birthday, we adopted Buster:

The next year (again for my birthday) we adopted Boomer:

And the year after that, on my birthday, we announced to the world that we were expecting.

My husband, David, is an actor, photographer, writer, aka a “Renaissance Man”.

We make incredibly cute kids.

Kai was born on February 5, 2008

and Ryder joined us on February 1, 2010.

When I said I wanted my children to be 2 years apart, I didn’t mean it that literal, but it’s awesome.

The days of “coasting” as I knew it with 1 child are far behind me, and these days my house is no longer clean all the time, clothes aren’t always ironed, taxes aren’t filed on time and I need lists (and “Mommy Juice”) to keep me sane.

And…I’m LOVING it!

I have a passion PASSION for cooking, pouring (see Mommy juice) and baking.  It’s this passion, well actually it’s the “enjoying of the results this passion produces” that keeps my trainer in business.  Chocolate and wine (or cocktail ingredients) can always be found in my house and on the rare occasion that I have a day off, I LOVE to shop stimulate the economy.

Though my blog started out as a way to update family and friends from out of state and out of the country of our adventures here in La La Land, I am now adding a Recipe section to share culinary scrumptiousness (well the recipes then).

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Again, thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to the day that the internet will allow me to share my latest culinary creation or drink with you directly.  Till then… I hope you can enjoy my attempts to capture it all in words, photos and videos – but recipes are included so you can try out the things that catch your fancy.

Marieke, aka HRH Mommy