Valentine’s Day Pampering


Happy Holidays!

Oh wait!  They’re over.

Well then, Happy New Year!  May 2013 bring you nothing but love, laughter and happiness.  Oh my Goodness!  The end of January is practically in sight.  Crap.  I guess Happy New Year is a bit late too.  Well, I mean it anyways.  May what’s left of this year bring you all I mentioned just now.

The last month of 2012 was filled with Christmas celebrations, parties, play dates, an overload of toddler cuteness and sugar, massive colds and feeling miserable.  Christmas was supposed to be a day of yummy foods, drinks, pressies, movie watching and a delicious dinner.  Unfortunately, other than Santa’s deliveries and the joy those brought on, the day was filled with stuffiness, immense sinus pressure and misery.  The only cocktails I got to enjoy contained DayQuil, NyQuil and Mucinex.  A few days later, David decided to show his sympathy by coming down with the same cold and I had to be instantly recovered for the sake of the household and all that live here.

We battled the cold, we persevered and moved on.  Some time soon I will update on all the adventures our family has been up to, but for now I wanted to share something exciting:

I am officially the owner of the “Mompreneur Title” and I’m wearing it proudly.  Pamperosity has launched, and things are moving forward.  The website is being designed (which is such an exciting process), I opened up my Etsy Store and I’ve done a good amount of R&D over the past few weeks.  Yep, trying out scrubs, bath bombs and other products are part of the job – I chose well.

And today…

…today we are launching

Our Valentine’s Products!


Chocolate Love Body ScrubPhoto by: David Beeler


Yes, it is what you think it is: Chocolate Body Scrub! Say “Hello” to your new Guilty Pleasure.  There’s real cocoa inside this jar from heaven and without smelling like a candy bar (the scent is subtle) you’re left with oh-so-soft skin.  Like any other chocolate product, go ahead and enjoy it by yourself, or… share with someone special…did someone say the word “Aphrodisiac”? (Just don’t eat it!!).

An 8oz. jar of Chocolate Love Body Scrub sells for $12.50.  Click here to order.


Valentine's Bath BombsPhoto by: David Beeler


Oh la la, romance!  Pretty and heavenly smelling Heart Bombs.  A combination of Rose & Jasmine oils make for one relaxing (and romantic) bath experience… I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

A set of 3 Heart Bombs sells for $8.75.  Click here to order.

So, on this note of romance, and pampering, and to tie back to where we begun: I wish you a pampered, relaxed and sweet 2013!  Pamper yourself and pamper those around you.  Treat yourself well, you deserve it!!


Until next time,

Savor food, savor family and savor life.
~ Marieke, aka HRH Mommy


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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day Pampering

  1. Hey Marieke! I was going through old blog posts today & reading all the comments. Saw yours & wanted to check in & see what was up & if you’re still blogging.

    Hope all is well!!

    • Marieke says:

      Hey Kate!
      So lovely to hear from you, thanks for checking in! How are you doing? As you can see, I am not often posting here at MforMomy anymore, however…last year I started my own company: Pamperosity. I handmake bath and body products. At the moment the emphasis lies on body scrubs and bath bombs, but I am working hard on coming out with a nifty new product that will absolutely rock anyone’s world who likes to take long hot showers… If you have a chance, check out my site (, I’d love your feedback! Hope this finds you well and again, thank you so much for checking in!! xoxo

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