And They Ate and Ate and Ate…

…and then they ate some more…

Dinner time was amazingly quiet tonight.  And that’s a lovely thing.  There was no playing with forks, trying to scratch up the table, there was no “I don’t like that” before I had served dinner, and then when I did, they both sat down and devoured what was put in front of them.

Silence during dinner = A Good Sign.

Thursday evenings is usually our “date night”.  Not that we go out or anything (imagine, going out on a date once a week, how awesome would that be!!), no it simply means I make a more elaborate dinner, we open a nice bottle of wine and take it easy.  Since David had a shoot tonight, date dinner got postponed to tomorrow and tonight was a simple, yet scrumptious pasta meal.  This Penne alla Vodka recipe went “from ingredients to meal” in 20 minutes.  Perfect.  Add to that a nice glass of wine (I wasn’t willing to postpone the wine to tomorrow…:-0) and life is good.


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2 Responses to And They Ate and Ate and Ate…

  1. And he looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Takes a boy to relish his dinner like that lol!
    I usually get a series of burps XD

    New follower from MBC

    • Marieke says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      Yes, he likes to eat. Can you tell? Ha, we’re past the burping stage, but boys and remain (always, regardless of age) fascinated with all sounds that the body can produce. Boys… :-)

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