Belgian Endive Salad – Light, Fresh and Ready for Summer

Whenever I mention that one of my favorite salads is an “Belgian Endive Salad”, people either react with a puzzled look that says “Belgian WHAT? Salad”, or, they cringe by the thought of the vegetable with the bitter core.  Yes, the Belgian Endive has a bitter core.  And you know what?  When you remove it, the bitterness is gone!!  I know, what an invention!!  Who’d have thought?!

This Belgian Endive Salad is absolutely delicious and oh so easy to make.  It’s a salad that I grew up with and have loved all my life.  I had already pulled my husband over to the “light side” and yesterday my 80+ year old neighbor, who announced loudly that Belgian Endives are bitter and really not that tasteful (she used other words, that I probably shouldn’t repeat here) joined us for dinner.  This morning I got an email from her, asking me for the recipe…

So, get ready for summer.  Make this salad once and you’ll most likely make it again.  And again.

Click here for this Belgian Endive Salad recipe.

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One Response to Belgian Endive Salad – Light, Fresh and Ready for Summer

  1. Hi Marieke,

    Love that you are making endive “converts” out of the disbelievers with this salad! It reminds me of an endive version of a Waldorf salad. Lots of nice flavors and textures playing off of one another.

    I’d love to feature it on the Discover Endive blog, if you’re interested! I’ll drop you an email and we can discuss the possibilities.

    Social Media Manager
    Discover Endive

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