Adventures, Outings and Tons of Fun


  5 Weeks ago, my friend Nicole arrived from The Netherlands.  The last time she had been here, was 9 years ago, when she flew out to attend my wedding.  I saw her last year, when I flew back to   Read More »

Toddler Girlfriends


  “Bye Papa!  I’m going to see my M-Girls!!” That’s how Kai said goodbye to David one day last year, as we drove off to a play date with some of our friends. “You’re going to see who?”  “My M-Girls!”    Read More »

“M for Mommy” – The Story Behind the Name

M for McDonald's?

    Ever since I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress I’ve been meaning to explain the story behind the name “M for Mommy” for those of you who are new readers.  Well, here it is: It was a   Read More »

Visiting Friends – Happy Mommy


    Nicole and I met in our first year in college and became friends pretty much immediately.  We spent 4 years in college together, after which I left to go study in the U.S.  But we stayed in touch   Read More »

Full Speed Ahead into Fall!


      Before I had kids, I overheard a close friend of mine sigh “Oh, I canNOT wait for the kids to return to school!” and my (internal) response was everything and anything similar to “I can’t believe she   Read More »