Chicken Parmesan – Comfort Food

Chicken Parmegiano

  Photo by: David Beeler   Unless you’re a vegetarian, for many people Chicken Parmesan is mentioned on the list of “comfort foods”.  To me, growing up in Europe, Chicken Parmesan was a new concept when I arrived here in   Read More »

Quinoa with Pine Nuts, Green Onions and Parsley

Quinoa with Pine Nuts & Green Onions

    I admit: when I first heard of quinoa I assumed it wouldn’t be something I would like.  I expected it to be bland and boring. Then I tried it and I loved it.  It is so versatile, it   Read More »

Apple Pomegranate Crisp – An Indulgence Worth Going For

Apple Pomegranate Crumble

    ‘t Is the season!  Pomegranates are back and I am over the moon.  [insert happy dance]  A couple of weeks ago, I received the first 3 in my produce delivery and though they might have been picked a   Read More »

Crescent Rolls with Feta & Spinach – The Fastest Moving Appetizer

Cheese and Spinach Appetizers

    These crescent rolls are a hit.  I have never seen appetizers disappear off a plate faster than these did.  It was only a couple of minutes after putting them out when I realized that I hadn’t snapped a   Read More »

Risotto with Mushrooms, Sin-Qua and Sorrel

Mushroom and Sin Qua Risotto

  Photo by: David Beeler   So, here we go getting weird.  A couple of weeks ago, I was graced with a bunch of veggies I had never heard of.  Sin-qua.  Sound familiar, right?  I mean, it immediately sparks a   Read More »