Blackberry Cocktail


  It is October and for most of us summer is over.  (Unless you live in Southern California, where earlier in the week it was still in the triple digits and where one Mommy is now super excited with the   Read More »

Sweet Raspberry Lime Iced Tea

Raspberry Tea

  Photo by: David Beeler   Last year I organized and hosted a fundraiser for my friend who was fighting (and ended up BEATING) breast cancer.  The theme of the event was (obviously) pink and I decided to coordinate the   Read More »

Cucumber Gin – A Refreshing Summer Cocktail

Cucumber Gin Cocktail

  Cucumber is such a summery vegetable.  It is fresh and mild in flavor and is everything that “versatile” means; use it in a salad, infuse your water with it to add flavor, the kids devour it as a snack   Read More »

Blackberry Cocktail – Ultimate Smoothness


  Photo by: David Beeler   How does one go from Blackberry Popsicles to Blackberry Cocktail?  Very, very easy: Yesterday I posted a recipe for Blackberry Lemonade Popsicles, which are made from puréed fresh blackberries.  The purée yielded more than   Read More »

Chocolate Martini From Heaven

Chocolate Martini

Deliciously Sinful.  Those are the two words that best describe this chocolate martini. This martini has no vodka, no vermouth, no typical martini ingredients in it, so technically, you can call it whatever you would like.  “Drink from Heaven” would   Read More »