Sweet Raspberry Lime Iced Tea

Raspberry Tea

  Photo by: David Beeler   Last year I organized and hosted a fundraiser for my friend who was fighting (and ended up BEATING) breast cancer.  The theme of the event was (obviously) pink and I decided to coordinate the   Read More »

Kale Smoothie with Fruit – Green and Delicious


Back home in The Netherlands curly kale is used in one of my favorite dishes: boerenkool (kale, mixed with mashed potatoes and served with smoked sausage.)  Recipe?  That will ABSOLUTELY come in winter.  It’s a hardy dish that is less   Read More »

Raspberry Spinach Smoothie

Raspberry Spinach Smoothie

  I made this Raspberry Spinach Smoothie for the picnic lunch I wrote about in my weekly article on Family Sponge.  Yes, it contains spinach.  No, you can’t taste it.  Let me put it this way, this Kai with the   Read More »

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie – Antioxidant Scrumptiousness (Really!!)

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

This Blueberry Spinach Smoothie is a total burst of Antioxidants.  I never thought that spinach in a smoothie would be tasteful, but here ya go!  The spinach flavor disappears amongst the blueberries, yogurt, banana and cranberry juice and the purple   Read More »

Mixed Berry Smoothie


We recently found out that Kai has a milk-intolerance.  It doesn’t mean we have to take milk out of the diet completely, but the glasses of milk in the morning and at bedtime are gone.  He absolutely did not go   Read More »