Cauliflower Gratin – A Burst of Flavor

Cauiflower with Cheese

This Cauliflower Gratin recipe is the perfect recipe for busy parents.  Whoever’s duty it is to cook, will be pleased to know that this dish requires a whopping 5 minutes of prep before our lovely and indispensable oven does the rest.   Now, the tricky thing is to stay away from the dish until it’s done.  And that’s harder than it seems.  You see, once it starts cooking, the oven starts emitting these wonderful smells; the ones that lure you to the kitchen to see what’s cookin’.  You’ll want to just get in there and “see if it’s done”.  You know that urge, don’t you?  Well, try to resist it.  Pour yourself a glass of Goodness, sit back and relax.  It’s worth the wait.

Our whole family loves this cauliflower gratin.  Including the kids.  I always wonder how come that something like cauliflower can actually have this much flavor.  Maybe it’s the cheese, maybe it’s the magic of the ingredients coming together.  I don’t know.  What I do know, is that this cauliflower gratin is a dish perfect for weeknight meals, but also PERFECT for when you have guests over.  Remember, I said that it only takes 5 minutes of prep?  That allows you for more time with your guests and (usually) that’s a good thing.

Click here to check out the Cauliflower Gratin recipe.


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- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy


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