Cucumber Gin – A Refreshing Summer Cocktail


Cucumber Gin Cocktail

Cucumber is such a summery vegetable.  It is fresh and mild in flavor and is everything that “versatile” means; use it in a salad, infuse your water with it to add flavor, the kids devour it as a snack and now…we’re turning it into a refreshing, summer Cucumber Gin Cocktail.  I mean, simply look at the picture, which says nothing other than “I’m the refreshing solution to the warm summer sun”.  And it truly is.

Cucumber + Gin + Lime Juice + Simple Syrup + Seltzer Water =  Cucumber Gin Cocktail from Heaven

Now, a few words of caution: the flavor of the cocktail is largely dependent on the type of Gin that you use.  We tried the recipe with Tanqueray, which is pretty strong in flavor and felt it overpowered the other (subtle) flavors a bit.  Then we used Amersterdam Straight Gin, which was a bit smoother and allowed the cucumber and lime flavors to come through a bit more.

Second point of caution: this Cucumber Gin Cocktail drinks very easily.  Almost as in “I’m-thirsty,-I’ll-have-one-of-those-to-lessen-the-thirst” kinda easy.  So, just pace yourself, alrighty?

Cucumber Gin Cocktail


  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 1/4 ounces gin
  • Splash of fresh lime juice
  • Splash of simple syrup
  • Chilled seltzer



  • Slice a piece of cucumber and reserve for garnish.
  • Peel, halve and seed the remaining cucumber.
  • Puree the cucumber in a blender until smooth, then strain through a fine mesh sieve.
  • Fill a highball glass three-quarters of the way with ice.
  • Add 2 ounces of cucumber puree, the gin, lime juice and simple syrup and stir.
  • Fill the glass with seltzer and stir again.
  • Garnish with the reserved cucumber slice and serve.

Makes: 1 serving



Simple Syrup:

To make a batch of simple syrup, simmer equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves.  Cool and it’s ready.

(Recipe by: Food Network Magazine)


NOTE: this recipe can be easily made in advance.  After pureeing the cucumber, measure how many ounces of puree you have.  Then, proportionally, add gin, lime juice and simple syrup.  Chill and when ready to serve, fill a highball glass for 3/4 of ice and the cucumber mixture and top off with the Seltzer.  Stir, garnish and serve.



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