Devil of an Angel

2 Years ago, I found myself on a roller coaster as far as the child-rearing was concerned.  At a very fast pace, I was learning what the true meaning of “The Terrible Two’s” was.  I remember those days vividly.  I also remember thinking that my the sweet, slightly shy, cute, brown-eyed boy had turned into a stubborn, control-obsessed, little devil, who wouldn’t listen and when he did, responded by doing the exact opposite of whatever it was that I was asking him.  I was convinced that somewhere along the line I had screwed up in my parenting, although I had no clue as to what exactly it was that I had messed up.

And here we are, 2 years later.  The Terrible Two’s passed, Mommy survived it without any therapy and we all had forgotten about those days.

Kai outgrew the phase and Ryder, well, he is just a sweetheart.

The hide-and-seek in the bathroom cabinets is always cause for a many “oh that’s so cute” and similar exclamations.

And then there is nap time.  Yep, that’s adorable, right?

That’s the Ryder as most family members and friends know him.


Things ain’t as purdy as they seem… It shall not be overlooked that Ryder was born a red-head.  His Grandma was a red-head.  Not only had she red hair, she also was proud owner of the red-head mentality.  And though Ryder’s hair color changed to blond in his first year, I am pretty positive that he inherited some of Sally’s red-headed “passion”.

Remember how I said that we had all forgotten about the roller coaster of two years ago?  Well, we remember it now and it seems like we got the annual pass for the ride:

Yep, that was all about the shirt.  I guess he didn’t like it.

The inability to communicate can cause frustration, as well as him realizing that he doesn’t have control over everything.  That’s a significant bubble that got burst.  I read about it, I talked about it, I shared.  I know this is all just a phase.  Afterall, we went through this with Kai, got the T-shirt.  I just keep reminding myself and though I know (in my mind) that all this shall pass, I am just not “feeling” it quite yet.  Maybe if I keep repeating it to myself, I will start believing in it some time.  Who knows.

In the meantime, we have generated some good video footage of the tantrums, just so we can remind him of his toddler-temper as he gets older.  And hey, at least it will be a sense of comfort to him, when he has children – knowing that when they throw tantrums, at least they don’t get it from a stranger.

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4 Responses to Devil of an Angel

  1. Laura says:

    O jee, dat filmpje! Zo herkenbaar en iedereen met kinderen heeft er mee te maken! Er komt een dag……..

    • Marieke says:

      Glad I’m not alone going through this, glad you’re not alone going through this ;-) So, when will that day be…?? I’ve been told around age 17.

  2. simone nobel says:

    hahaha, mijn dochter kon er ook wat van al geloof je dat misschien niet.!

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