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Dry elbows.  You know, the dryness that, regardless of the amount of moisturizer you slap on there, doesn’t seem to improve.  Not only is it uncomfortable, but it doesn’t look very attractive either.  Oh, and then sometimes your elbow’s skin gets darker than the surrounding skin.  Not the kind of elbow you want to show off this summer, is it?

The Lemon Scrub below absolutely works wonders:


This Lemon scrub is made with real lemon juice, which helps lighten the dark patches.  The salt base helps remove the rough skin.  The oils will leave the skin soft and refreshed.

Want to give your elbows the “big” treatment?  Leave the scrub on, lean your elbows in 2 lemon wedges for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water.  Moisturize with a vitamin E cream, or a heavy body cream and you’re all set.

Photo by: The Derm Blog


Even though I have labeled this scrub to be my “Dry Elbow Treatment”, I actually have used it on my feet too: I have boney feet and with all the playing with the little ones on the ground (I tend to sit on my knees and shins) the area on top of my foot (in the middle, at the bottom of my shins) started getting rough and a bit darker.  The scrub works wonders.  If you have rough patches on your knees, use it on your knees.  Just don’t use it on your face.

This Lemon Scrub is exclusively available from Pamperosity.  Try it out and while you’re here, join me over at our Pamperosity Community on Facebook.


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