Following My Bliss – Becoming a Mompreneur


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In 2001 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications.   Just in time for the recession.  I spent the summer in Italy and flew back to Los Angeles on September 11.  One and a half hour before landing we turned around, due to the events known to all of us.  I finally arrived in SoCal 10 days later.

And there I was.  A foreigner with a MA, limited work experience and most importantly, no visa.  Good luck on the job hunt, Honey!

I worked at the Consulate General of The Netherlands for a while, covering for the Assistant to the Consul General while she was on maternity leave.  Following, I had the chance to put my education to use: I landed the job as a Marketing coordinator at a flower importer here in LA.  And this is where I realized the discrepancy between the theory as I had learned it in college and the practice.  It was nothing alike and it was frustrating (to say the least) to come to that conclusion.  Not only had I put pressure on myself to make my education work for me, but my surroundings certainly had expectations as well.  After all, I was supposed to conquer corporate America.  Instead I was floundering, stressed and deeply disappointed.

I wanted to be part of the group of people who LOVED their jobs; who loved 80+% of what they did, could do it all day long, even if it meant no sleep.  Being part of the group who hated disliked 80+% of their daily responsibilities and who only were blessed with 20% of enjoyable duties had caused me more than just a bad mood.  Soo…what was the job that would make me tick?  It wasn’t until the conversation I had with David’s best friend, Michael Neill, that it came to me.  Michael is an internationally renowned success coach and best-selling author and it were his questions that made the light bulb go on upstairs.

The job I wanted was to be a MOM!

It was more than an “ahah” moment.  Compare it to an overload of caffeine being shot straight into your veins: excitement and overwhelm, bouncing off the walls and the “Let’s do it!” feeling.

So here we are; 7 years and 2 beautiful toddlers later.  Not only are they an absolutely blessing, but raising them and seeing them grow up is the most rewarding and awesome-est job ever.  They are the first things I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last things I think about when I go to bed at night.  I marvel at them every day, being darn proud of the cool dudes they are.  They rock my world.

Over the past 5 years I’ve been entertaining the idea of starting my own business once the kids were in school.  I had no idea what sort of business it would be, what I would do, sell or create or when and how I was going to go about that.  I just always knew that “when I knew I’d know”.  Oh, and by the way, being the Type A that I am, it was sometimes hard to keep myself from trying to figure out what that was.  I wanted to be my own boss, maybe start something with a friend, create a business doing something I loved doing.  That was as far as I had ever gotten.



And then my friend Nicole came to visit.  By now, you know that we had fun.  And similar to when we were in college, we spent a lot of time talking.  We were both communications majors, so we know how to talk.  And over a glass of something beautiful we talked work, career and life.  I shared that “at some point when the kids are in school” I wanted to start something for myself.  “Doing what?” she asked.  “I don’t know yet, but I’ll know when I know” I said.  “I know” came out of her mouth.

Excuse me?

“Your scrubs, Girlfriend!  They are amazing, everyone loves them, there’s your business!”

Right there and then, I got that jolt of caffeine, lightning hit and I saw the light.  And somewhere up in the heavens, angels sang their “Hallelujah!”

And here I am.  Not only am I over the moon delighted with my job as a MOM, but thanks to Nicole, I am now embarking on the journey of becoming a “Mompreneur”.  (Great word huh?  Love love love it.)

I am going to start my own business in all natural, homemade body scrubs and other at-home spa products.  Pampering, feeling good and sharing it with all who love to feel good too!


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I started writing my business plan and it is exciting.  (Except the market segmentation and industry analysis parts, but those are part of the 20%).  Ideas keep coming up, enthusiasm is being sparked and creativity follows closely.  So exciting!


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Bill Cumming, a dear friend and amazing mentor, put it perfectly:

“When we truly are excited about what we do, the doing is its own reward. There is only one pass through each lifetime and to ignore the precious nature of the opportunity is assign the responsibility for its design to external forces. “

So, here I am, adding just another thing to my plate.  Seriously, when will days start having more than 24 hours?  The boys will (without a doubt) remain the #1 responsibility in my life, I will continue to cook, make yummy cocktails, write about it all, and now I will start bringing some pampering and “feel good” juju into your homes.  As soon as the website is up, there is news fit to print, or I just want to share my excitement, I’ll do it here and on my Facebook page.

Last but not least: different sort of scrubs and bath fizzies will be up for sale in time for Christmas.  So, when making the lists of who gets what, consider who of your friends and family members enjoy pampering and feeling good.  For those friends and family, I have the perfect gifts coming to you very soon!


Hand Scrub


Prototypes are out and are being tested, packaging is being designed and website is being built.  The Launch Party is being put together and soon we’ll be open for business.


Until next time,

Savor food, savor family, savor life.
- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy


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5 Responses to Following My Bliss – Becoming a Mompreneur

  1. melissa says:

    Congrats! Sounds like a wonderful idea. You will do great!! xoxo

  2. Congratulations Marieke! Don’t you just love when something clicks and it utilizes all of your amazing talents? We look forward to supporting your new endeavor!

    • Marieke says:

      Yes, it’s awesome and it makes it worth it staying up late and making long hours to make it work. It’s just so fun! Thanks for the support Jadah, I’ll certainly let you know when there’s news :-)

  3. Nicole Bouwer says:

    I am so happy that I could inspire you by those very simple words. To me it was soooo obvious ;-) You go girl! And I will support you wherever I can. XXX

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