Full Speed Ahead into Fall!




Before I had kids, I overheard a close friend of mine sigh “Oh, I canNOT wait for the kids to return to school!” and my (internal) response was everything and anything similar to “I can’t believe she just said that!  Isn’t that a bit harsh?  Don’t you like spending time with your kids?”   Now that I am a mother, I totally “get it”, however, it has NOTHING to do with not wanting to spend time with them, yet EVERYTHING with getting back into a routine.  As much as I love to try new things out, to adventure and do new stuff, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE routines and probably thrive on it as much as a newborn baby.

The summer was absolutely awesome!  We celebrated birthdays, took soccer lessons, swimming lessons, acting classes, we went on little excursions, we spent time with friends and even The Hubster and I got a little break in.  NICE.  Most LA kids were subjected to LAUSD’s crazy brain fart of opening the doors to schools in the district in the middle of August.  In an effort to align the schedules of Elementary, Middle and High Schools, LAUSD assumed classes for all schools in the middle of August.  I feel for the kids, especially my goddaughter who really caught the short end of the stick and was brutally robbed of 4 weeks of summer break.  While Middle and High Schools had ended in May, our dear Maisy’s Elementary School didn’t end until the end of June.  Poor girl.

Kai’s school stuck with the more civil approach and will resume the day after Labor Day.  And as that day approaches, the calendar is starting to fill up more and more, while I do everything in my power to remain calm and remind myself that I AM indeed Super Woman.

In 2011 Kai started at his current preschool.  He was young, excited and eager to go.



This year, he is excited to see his friends again, very very excited that he is in the same class as his twin girlfriends, but a little bummed that his other girlfriend Molly is in a different class and he’ll only be able to spend time with her during recess.  Nonetheless, September cannot come quick enough for him.

And that’s just pre-K.  3 Full days per week.  Plenty of time to do other things, right?!  Right.  So, to avoid boredom, we added some things:  with me as a mom (tennis background), it’s only AWESOME that he is begging me every day to go out into the backyard and play tennis.  Ever since the first day he held a racket in January of this year, right before his 4th birthday:



(Yes, this is very first time holding a tennis racket)


Yep, every day: “Mom, can we play tennis in the yard?”  “Honey, it’s 110 degrees outside…, you really want to?”  Answer: “Yes Mommy, YES!!!”  Needless to say, tennis lessons are starting the first week of September.

After a good amount of time, frustration, perseverance, frustration and language that is not fit to print, I finally got Ryder his dual citizenship.  Yay for me.  [Insert me doing victory dance.]  I am convinced they make the process absolutely, massively confusing, unclear and daunting to scare away anyone who lacks the stubbornness or grey matter.  BUT, long story short: we got it.  Both boys have 2 passports, as do I and I am incredibly happy (and beyond relieved to have this off my 2012 to-do list).  So, to ensure that the kids can actually get around in The Netherlands if they choose to go and study there, Kai is starting Dutch School here in LA.  There are 3 locations in SoCal: one 52 miles away, one 130 miles away and the last one…5 miles away.  Score!

This Saturday was his first day.  While I was probably a bit nervous (yes, I felt like I was going to school for the first time – weird, I know), Kai was excited.  Excited about making new friends and excited, simply, about going to school.  


Dutch School


Though he didn’t understand everything and got a bit shy the few times that he was called upon, he said he enjoyed it.   I assisted the teacher and though it was great to see what sort of things are being done and how things are approached, I discovered that my patience doesn’t reach the distance the teacher’s patience does when it came to a couple of boys.  Bless her sweet and patient disposition.  My tongue has little bite marks in it from me biting it at moments when I had to remind myself that my place was to help, not to lay down the law.

After school we went on a Mother-Son date for lunch.  Burger, fries and a milkshake.



Good times, full tummies and lots of laughter.  It’s hard to beat fries & a milkshake when you’re with Kai.



Despite the fries and milkshake, the best part of the day – according to Kai at bedtime – was Dutch School.  [heart melts]

With Kai in school for 3 full days during the week, time is finally opening up to spend some one-on-one time with Ryder.  Time I never got to spend with him.  And I am super excited about it.  Kai had the privilege of being the first one and having Mommy all to himself for 2 years.  Ryder has always tagged along.  Not always happily, but he tagged along.  So now, his time has come.  We started out well by enrolling in a Mommy & Me Class on Monday mornings.  That leaves us Wednesdays and Fridays for outings together to museums, zoo, farms, hikes, and the occasional Frozen Yogurt treat.  The time has come for this 2-year old to finally spend some time alone with Mommy, good stuff.



Mommy & Me started last week and other than the fact that the assistant teacher is cold, stern, and anything other than stimulating and caring towards little ones, it was great…I met an Australian Mommy who shared my 5 pm-survival routine – think we’ll become friends ;-) .  Ryder didn’t seem the least bothered by the Assistant Teacher who thought she knew better than his mommy, so I think he’ll be fine.  I, on the other hand, am going to have to learn to keep (most of) my thoughts to myself.  Oy…Good luck to me.

And finally, with “babyhood” friends (friends they’ve had since babyhood) in different schools, with different schedules,  spread out over a 468.67 square mile city, it’s starting to become a little bit challenging (yet not impossible) to organize play dates.  There is 1 afternoon per week that we’ve been able to figure out we can have a play date with Kai’s Ninja friend Taylor and pretty much 1 morning that he can get together with his “babyhood girlfriend” of 4 years Melia, so we have to schedule play dates well in advance, plan and coordinate and do whatever else we need to do to make it happen.

It’ll be busy, it’ll be fun, it’ll be exhausting, but it’ll be the awesome-est Fall ever.  So, we’re going Full Speed Ahead into Fall!  Now, let me check my calendar and find some Sunday before Christmas when I can sleep in.  I need it already.


Until next time,

Savor food, savor family, savor life.
- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy



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2 Responses to Full Speed Ahead into Fall!

  1. Rachelle says:

    I get all emotional just thinking about our kids getting bigger and growing up! I’m so excited I’ll see you and Ryder at school picking up our kids. Molly is super excited and even said she is glad she is through with her preschool. She is ready for the change. Unlike you, we just played it cool all summer. No classes, no schedule. So I am very excited to get into a routine. If you have the time we should try to do lunch before pickup sometime! Where did you end up signing up for mommy and me classes?

    • Marieke says:

      Yay for Fall arriving, Rachelle! Lunch would be lovely! Also, I was hoping we could do the occasional play date after school, if you’re up for it. Oh, and we ended up doing Burbank Adult School for Mommy & Me classes.

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