Introducing: Mommy Self Care

Self Care

I am launching a new section on my site, called “Mommy Self Care”, in which I will cover everything from at-home spa treatments, to mini-workouts, to hosting girlfriend get-togethers, to soothing the soul.  After all, beauty is created by the happiness you carry in your heart.

Our dear friend Michael Neill is a well-known success coach and introduced us to an exercise called “The Best Year Yet.  It’s an exercise that we always do between Christmas and New Year’s.  David and I sit down and review the year we are about to leave behind us: highs, lows, accomplishments and disappointments.  The 2nd part of our exercise is to look at the year to come and set goals, turn our disappointments from the previous year into life lessons for the next.  And finally, we each come up with a bumper sticker; the slogan or motto that we each want to live by for the New Year.

A couple of years ago, it took me a while to come up with a bumper sticker, but I eventually figured out that it all boiled down to this:

Happy Mommy = Happy Family

When I’m relaxed, I’m a better mother, I am a better wife, I have more patience, I can clearly see “the other side of the story”, I am more innovative, I am more fun and I have more fun.  So, my goal was to incorporate “me-time” in my schedule.

Tomorrow, I will be launching my Mommy Self-Care section with a wonderful home made spa product that will certainly bring you a good dose of happiness – in oh so many ways.

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Until next time,

Savor food, savor family, savor life.
- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy


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    Seriously “Like”.

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