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So, I’ve been a bit busy on the personal front lately: I aged a year, we celebrated the Hubster as the awesome dad he is, he aged a year and…last but certainly not least, I’ve spent time with my children.  And it’s awesome!

On the 16th of June I added another year to my life here on planet earth, celebrating the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday.  This came a week after having been carded 3 times in a row for buying wine and bubbles as part of my groceries.  Yay!  The day started early, the evening before with a chocolate tasting with 12 of my favorite friends.  It was awesome to spend some girly time and the chocolate tasting was so much fun!  (Yes, I will dedicate a post to the sole purpose of a chocolate tasting very soon!)

My birthday was spent sleeping in (oh, the delight), being woken up by my 3 guys giving me breakfast, hugs and kisses in bed, original birthday cards created by Kai and pressies.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing, with a massage and lounging around on the chaise lounges outside.  Peaceful and restful.  Heavenly.  After the kids went to bed, David and I had a beautiful meal of 3 different types of cheeses to taste, some Italian Sopressata, olives and a nice bottle of wine.

I’d almost say that this way, I wouldn’t mind celebrating my birthday more often.  Almost.

The next morning was Father’s Day.  The tables were turned and the Hubster got to sleep late.  I took the boys to the park in the morning and while Kai had soccer practice, Ryder climbed, tumbled and slid down slides a the playground.  Thankfully our friend Stacey joined me to help keep an eye on one little one, while I was with the other.  After all, I’m a year older now and being in 2 places at opposite sides of the park at the same time is becoming a bit more challenging…  A treat at Starbucks awaited us afterwards.  ‘Cause face it, when a friend shows up at your door at 8am on a Sunday to help out, you owe her at least some delicious Starbucks-ness.  The boys were delighted to be included in the party with their very own Chocolate Chip blends.

Did someone say “Sugar High”?  Not sure when I will repeat this exercise, but it sure was fun to see them enjoy themselves so much.  Daddy got spoiled with a Daddy Apron from Kai:

Yes, Kai is the mini version of David.  I know, but honestly, how awesomely cool do they look?!?!

Last week, on our weekly trip to Target, Kai discovered the magical effects of Target’s Marketing Strategies.  At the check out, positioned at the perfect height for a bored toddler of 4, there it was: the magical, must-have Hot Wheels motorbike-car-combo.  I honestly have no clue what sort of vehicle it exactly was, but it doesn’t matter.  What matters was that Kai noticed it and had to have it.  Well, maybe if he had had a different mother that would have worked, but unfortunately (for him), he was with me.  However, it was the perfect opportunity to start something new: work for it, earn the $$, save for it and it’s yours.  The car was a whopping $1.29.  So, once at home, chores started and a special ramekin was placed next to his piggy bank for his “car fund”.

It took him no more than 4 days to earn and save enough money to buy the car.  So, off to Target we went.  Though the earlier spotted bike-car hybrid was nowhere to be found anymore, we managed to find another cool vehicular toy that hit the spot as well.

He paid with his own money…

and purchased his first own toy.

Blurry Pics, I know. Blame the phone.

And last but not least, David aged another year.  And guess what?  He got to sleep in!  Yes, June treats him well.  Lovely breakfast followed, pressies and getting dressed (up).  Babysitter arrived and the Hubster was taken away to the ever-fun-and-exciting Hollywood where we got a coffee and I shared with him the plan for the rest of the afternoon…

Yes, I was pretty much the coolest wife ever that afternoon, as David loves Cirque du Soleil and thus tickets to go see the show were received enthusiastically.  May I just say that the show was…uhhmmm…AMAAAAAZINGGGGGG!!!!!  The show is a “Journey Through The World of Cinema” and the word “phenomenal” only comes close to what it was.  The Strap Act (areal acrobatics), performed by twin brothers Andrew and Kevin Atherton was by far the highlight of the show for me.  Their act was gravity defying, often leaving me wondering if what they were doing was actually scientifically possible.  Their landings were soft like feathers brushing the ground and their movement through the air left us absolutely breathless.  Absolutely amazing.

Ah, and then dinner…what was supposed to be a simple appetizer, turned out to be our dinner: a home made pizza with smoked salmon and caviar.  Yes, recipe will come soon!  The assortment of cheeses and cold cuts, got saved for the next day.  2 days of delicious savoring for dinner – a perfect birthday weekend.

And now we’re back to our normal lives.  Summer is here, Kai is in summer school and Ryder and I are getting some much-needed one-on-one time in.  It’s awesome.  Oh, and I’m re-organizing the house, cleaning out planter boxes outside, to revamp our house’s curb appeal a bit, and trying out a lot of new recipes and fun pampering ideas.  All to come this summer.

Hang around, subscribe to my blog on the right and stay up to date on Giveaways, new recipes and new developments.  Speaking of which: soon I will be having a Giveaway over at Family Sponge.  The lovely ladies over there have offered to host it for me – I’m giving away one of my FAVORITE KITCHEN GADGETS!!!  Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted!


Until the next time,

Savor food, savor family, savor life.
- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy


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