Mama’s Glass of Happiness

I’m not saying that happiness can only be found in a martini glass.  Wine glasses can serve that same purpose.

Seriously, once in a while, a nice glass of Mommy Juice (as it is called around here) is a welcome treat, especially towards the end of a busy day, having survived the occasional tantrum, brotherly fight and a good share of whining.  Yep, that sounds about right…  On days like that, 5pm can’t come soon enough and sometimes I simply remind myself that it’s 5pm somewhere in the world.

It being a lovely Friday today, I figured it would be nice to share one of my favorite Happy Recipes with you.

Question to you:

What’s your favorite Glass of Happiness?  Share it with us below.
Have a recipe you want to share?  Drop by on my Facebook page and post a link to that Pot of Gold.  I will put it to the test here and if it brings the same amount of happiness here, I will feature it!!

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