Summer Time: Popsicle Fun

It is May and we are being graced with 90+ degree temperatures.  I yet have to turn on the A/C, however, these temps definitely call for refreshing fun.  So, last week I decided to make Blackberry Lemon Popsicles.  Now, last year, neither one of the boys was terribly interested in popsicles.  How weird is that?!  Toddlers who turn their back on popsicles!  For a moment I doubted if they (the boys) were indeed mine, but I soon decided that there must be some tiny little kink in their genetic makeup.  Well, I think that kink has restored itself perfectly…

The fun started at the store.  Afterall, some containers of blackberries are just not suitable for popsicles, while others are.  I am not quite sure what Kai’s selection criteria were, but we ended up with 3 containers of perfect blackberries.  Blackberry stains ain’t pretty, so when we got home, I had the (genius) foresight to strip the kids down to their underwear.  We were ready to get pureeing.  There (of course) was a lot of tasting involved, that’s the fun part.  The challenging part: the popsicles wouldn’t be done until the next day.  But luckily we had distractions around that took their mind off the scrumptiousness that was being created in the freezer.

So, when the temps crested the 90 degrees last week, it was time to pull the beauties out.  Once again, I had the brilliant mindset to get them naked again.  Think that making popsicles is messy?  Think again.  It’s the consumption that is messy MESSY.

Needless to say, the popsicles were delicious.  After our enjoyment, we stepped out in the grass and turned the hose on.  Oh, the fun that ensued.  It was a wonderful afternoon, filled with happy faces, smiles, lots of giggles and a good scrubbing down in the bath tub at the end.

It’s days like these that I absolutely LOVE.  And it’s only May!  There will be many many more to come this summer.  More popsicles, more water fun and oh so much joy!!

Click here for the recipe of these delicious Blackberry Lemonade Popsicles.


Until next time,

Savor food, savor family, savor life.
- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy

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