Toddler Girlfriends


  “Bye Papa!  I’m going to see my M-Girls!!” That’s how Kai said goodbye to David one day last year, as we drove off to a play date with some of our friends. “You’re going to see who?”  “My M-Girls!”    Read More »

Sleepover – Fun, But Next Time LAPD Can Stay Away


    Remember the sleepovers from when you were a kid?  Excitement, anticipation, tons of laughter and no sleep (hence the name SLEEPover)? One of the things that was on my summer-to-do list was to have a sleepover with Kai.    Read More »

“I’m a Princess!” And Other Things You Don’t Want Your Son To Say


  Having children and seeing the world through their eyes is a beautiful thing.  I find it amazing how they truly live in the moment.  The present is what counts.  They don’t dwell on the past (yet) and given their   Read More »

Starbucks – Passing It On To The Next Generation

Toddlers & Starbucks

I don’t drink coffee.  It makes me nauseous.  When I return home from work at 10am in the morning, the worst thing David can do is to not have the windows open to air out the coffee smell that a   Read More »

The Loft Bed


I remember as a kid, dreaming about, asking and hoping for a loft bed.  You know, the bed that either has a desk or plain old simple play space underneath it.  The one with a little ladder, the one that   Read More »