The Loft Bed

I remember as a kid, dreaming about, asking and hoping for a loft bed.  You know, the bed that either has a desk or plain old simple play space underneath it.  The one with a little ladder, the one that would keep you high, dry and away from the “monsters” in your room.  That one.  Unfortunately, I never had the experience to call myself the proud owner of such a bed, but…now, as a parent, I am almost just as ecstatic as Kai, because this weekend he got his loft bed!  And this bed came with a whole lot of excitement!

While for David and me, “putting it together” actually meant “putting it together”, for Kai it meant “no naptime” as that was the only time we could do it.  Earlier in the day, Kai had expressed his discontent about the bedding that he I had picked out.  The rocket ship / space themed set, did not meet his standards, while last week it was the bedding of his choice.  You see, earlier in the week he had a play date at his friend Evan’s house and Evan has the same bed.  With Cars 2 bedding.  30 minutes before his glow-in-the-dark bedding would arrive, it was stated that the only bedding that would do, was that of Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli.  And as if the timing couldn’t be any better, FedEx delivered the bedding set, just around the time the mattress got unpacked and rolled out on the bed.

And Francesco Bernoulli was forgotten. [insert little victory dance]

The boys spent the rest of the day playing on the bed.

Kai made sure to inform Ryder that “shoes are not allowed on the bed”, Ryder obeyed those laws and the rest is history.  They absolutely love it.  And Mama loves it too.  I get to live vicariously through Kai and surprisingly am still experiencing the same excitement I remember feeling as a child whenever I saw one of these beds.  And now, at night, when I lie down with Kai and we talk about our day and remember all the great things we did, I finally get to enjoy it.

It only took me about 3 decades, but darnit, we got the bed!


Until next time,

Savor food, savor family, savor life.
- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy

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Published on: May 21, 2012 | Tags: , ,

4 Responses to The Loft Bed

  1. Opa says:

    Gaaf hoor. Ik kan mij voorstellen hoe opgewonden Kai er over is.
    Slaapt Ryder nu in auto?

  2. Jackie says:

    Where did this one come from, looks like a good sturdy bed?

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