Toddler Girlfriends


“Bye Papa!  I’m going to see my M-Girls!!”

That’s how Kai said goodbye to David one day last year, as we drove off to a play date with some of our friends.

“You’re going to see who?”  “My M-Girls!”  And that’s when I knew that he was definitely his father’s son.  3 Years old and already mesmerized with female beauty.  {Oh dear, I fear the teenage years.}

When Kai was 4 months old, I joined a Mommy Group.  Over the years, I can truly say that in addition to some great friends, this group has helped me stay sane on the roller coaster called “Mommyhood”.  When the kids were only a few months old, the group was largely for us, sleep-deprived mommies.  And as our brood grew, play dates became for both mommies AND children.  Turns out that most of my friends have girls, so Kai has been surrounded by girls as long as he can remember.

First, there is Melia.  They go back to the very beginning:



Then there is Madison….  The name “Madison” prompts big happy grins on Kai’s face accompanied by shy giggles.




Molly… Whenever I used to hear the name “Molly” I would imagine a cute, super-sweet blond girl.  Well, our Molly is exactly that: not only is she blond, she’s cute, and super sweet.  Kai shares that opinion.  Imagine the joy of going to the same school as Molly.  The first day of Pre-K:



I detect a pattern: Melia (blond), Madison (blond), Molly (blond)…

I remember the ride home after one of the first days in school last year.  I asked him about the new friends that he had made, but he didn’t remember any of their names.  Except for the twins… There were twins in his class.  He “liked the twins”.  Their names?  “Savana & Savana”.  One girl’s name was Savana.  The other one looked exactly like her sister and therefore was also called Savana.  Makes total sense, doesn’t it?  For the longest time it was “Savana and Savana”, but finally it clicked that it was actually Sienna & Savana.  Who is who, is still a challenge, so he decided to call them “my twins”.  {seriously…}



So here we are: 4 years old and more girlfriends than Ninja-friends.  So, where does that leave our Kai?  Will he grow up, like his dad, breaking hearts?  Maybe these childhood friends will become memories, as the kids grow up and go different ways?  Will they continue to grow up and remain best friends?  Or…will one of these childhood friends end up becoming “The One”?  Oh, secretly I hope one of them does, ’cause hey, at least I know that I’ll be getting along with the “in-laws”.


Until next time,

Savor food, savor family, savor life.
- Marieke, aka HRH Mommy



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Published on: October 1, 2012 | Tags: , , ,

2 Responses to Toddler Girlfriends

  1. Rachelle says:

    Why do you have to make me all teary eyed so early in the day?!?! Seriously though, we are very happy to have Kai and the rest of his family in our lives. Kai is a sweetheart. Molly is a lucky girl to call him a friend. :)

    • Marieke says:

      We’re blessed to have such a great circle of friends and Kai is honestly crazy about all his friends. Every morning he’s excited to see Molly and to play with her during recess :-)

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